RL;MB (the instapaper conundrum)

The title stands for “Read it Later, MayBe”… it’s a self-realisation, an illusion disappearing, with my love of time-shifting reading habits thru instapaper. As I mark more and more articles to be read later, I am finding I need more “later” in my life, not happening… As a friend suggested, I should see this as a bucket of intentions instead of a “to read” list. Letting go is part of finding peace in this information overload age.

Published by Sylvain Carle

Venture Technologist. Internet and Media Geek. Homebase on the web is at www.afroginthevalley.com and physically grounded in Montréal.

2 thoughts on “RL;MB (the instapaper conundrum)

  1. The iPhone Instapaper paid app and my Twin 2 year old son’s recent disrespect for bedtime has meant that I spend a lot of time on a comfortable Ikea chair in their room making sure they stay in their beds. Finding Later has become a creative exercise in time management. In most cases Later has made the original post a little mute but the essence of it often inspires something completely different.

    Later I will be older.
    Later I might have forgotten.
    Later will I still care?
    Was what I did until Later worth it?

    I’ll find out Later.


  2. A colleague tells his students the little secret about how academics read: we skim, then focus. We often don’t need to read a whole text to understand what it’s about, how it’s connected to other things, and what somebody else may find in it.
    My current workflow has a lot to do with skimming in Reeder and focusing in Instapaper. These are different “work sessions.” Somewhat related to the Dave Allen method, much of it has to do with context. It’s not that I don’t want to read this specific text. It’s that the context isn’t ideal to go through it now. But I can foresee the pleasure or edification derived from spending time with it at a later point. So, having it available doesn’t have much to do with it being a “task.”

    Tagging things for RLMB isn’t really about adding to your load. But it can be about stacking up on reading material before a commute.


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