People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)

Here are my slides (with notes) from Ignite Where in San Jose last night. Sylvain Carle People Suck At Naming Places Notes View more documents from Sylvain Carle. I must say it was an awesome experience. I give many presentations, but this one, in this format, in front of this crowd, was quite something. AndContinue reading “People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)”

Location Isn’t A War Between Two Sides, It’s A Gold Rush For Everyone

Great snippet from Joe Stump of SimpleGeo: You need to move past the mindset that location is the feature. Build products under the assumption that you have a user’s location and that you can use the social plumbing we’ve been building for the last nine years. What kind of interesting experiences can you build onContinue reading “Location Isn’t A War Between Two Sides, It’s A Gold Rush For Everyone”


Deux nouveaux noms de domaines @praized hier (je vous les ajoute quand ils sont prêts). Nommer les projets avec un URL, c’est un rituel de baptême après la naissance d’une idée… Je suis très content de ce nouveau projet, retour aux sources initiales de Praized et projection de l’avenir en même temps, ça sent leContinue reading “Baptê”

My Ignite Where Talk Proposal: People Suck at Naming Places

Just sent my Ignite Where proposal: “People Suck at Naming Places”. You can still submit yours too. The world of precise coordinates is easy to interact with using software. The problem is humans don’t use precise coordinates to represent places. They don’t even agree on place names. They also do it in several different dialects.Continue reading “My Ignite Where Talk Proposal: People Suck at Naming Places”

Wifidog Camp Montreal 2010

We will be organizing a Wifidog Camp for development of wifidog. Where? Montreal, at Station C, 5369 boul. St-Laurent When? Sunday february 21 2010 from 10h30 to ~17h Who? Everyone interested in developing for wifidog, developers, web designers, testers, documenters, etc. Web page? I will be giving a session on “contributing to open sourceContinue reading “Wifidog Camp Montreal 2010”

Key IT trends for 2010: Consumerization and Self-Media

My main take-away/recap from Deloitte’s TMT 2010 Prediction event this morning: Consumerization and Self-Media (as denoted by trends 1,2,5,6,7 and 8). You can access all the documents, videos and social-thing-a-majings at but here is a quick recap, list style: eReaders fill a niche, but eBooks fly off the (virtual) shelves Smaller than a netbookContinue reading “Key IT trends for 2010: Consumerization and Self-Media”

Grosse année à l’Alliance Internet en 2010

Ça va être une grosse année à l’Alliance Internet, on a fait une bonne progression, là on est prêt pour monter le tout d’un cran ou trois… Extrait de mon message à la liste de discussion (publique mais on demande inscription pour contôler le spam): (…) D’ailleurs faudrait bien la mettre à l’agenda cette prochaineContinue reading “Grosse année à l’Alliance Internet en 2010”