Définir “Collaboratif” et “Public” pour une gouvernance du 21ème siècle

Voici le détail (presque final) pour la journée de jeudi prochain, organisée dans le cadre des journées webmaestro (il me reste une ou deux ficelles à attacher). Il y a quelques mois, j’ai eu l’idée d’organiser une conférence/discussion afin de cristalliser une tendance de fond: l’effet des outils de collaboration “2.0” autant sur le processusContinue reading “Définir “Collaboratif” et “Public” pour une gouvernance du 21ème siècle”

Free rent at the Candian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley

This could be useful for Montreal Startups bridging the gap with the Valley: Did you know that you could call the Plug and Play Tech Center home for three months for free? Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service has established a Canadian Technology Accelerator within the Plug and Play Tech Center providing free services and access toContinue reading “Free rent at the Candian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley”

Co-working in Ottawa

This is Station C‘s sibling, it’s good to see more co-working spaces pop up, I strongly believe they are part of the DNA needed for startup hubs (read also Fred Wilson and Brad Feld on the same subject) Another community-driven program is TheCodeFactory which was started two years ago by Ian Graham. In a nutshell,Continue reading “Co-working in Ottawa”

Vanilla Forums raises $500K in Series A

It’s interesting to see them as “Montreal-based”, that means my friend John Stokes is doing something right… congrats to the Vanilla crew! Montreal-based open source communtiy forum Vanilla Forums announced today that they have raised a $500K Series A round led by Montreal Startup, with participation by eonBusiness, Norseman Capital and Klein Venture Partners. TheContinue reading “Vanilla Forums raises $500K in Series A”

Key IT trends for 2010: Consumerization and Self-Media

My main take-away/recap from Deloitte’s TMT 2010 Prediction event this morning: Consumerization and Self-Media (as denoted by trends 1,2,5,6,7 and 8). You can access all the documents, videos and social-thing-a-majings at http://tmtpredictions.ca/ but here is a quick recap, list style: eReaders fill a niche, but eBooks fly off the (virtual) shelves Smaller than a netbookContinue reading “Key IT trends for 2010: Consumerization and Self-Media”