We need a plan B

As read on Alex Russell’s Infrequently Noted: The single most frustrating thing for me as a web developer is the incredible disconnect between day-to-day development and the shiny, shiny stuff showing up in HTML5 and modern browsers. (…) How bad is it? The next time you read some tech journalist write about how some new browser versionContinue reading “We need a plan B”

Best of both worlds: HTML5 web app and iPhone App

Why don’t developers who build HTML5-based iPhone apps (like the new HTML5 Google Voice app) also syndicate their apps in the App Store? The App Store version would just be an instance of the UIWebView Class on a canvas that displays only the HTML5 app. In other words, the App Store version is just aContinue reading “Best of both worlds: HTML5 web app and iPhone App”