People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)

Here are my slides (with notes) from Ignite Where in San Jose last night. Sylvain Carle People Suck At Naming Places Notes View more documents from Sylvain Carle. I must say it was an awesome experience. I give many presentations, but this one, in this format, in front of this crowd, was quite something. AndContinue reading “People Suck at Naming Places (slides with notes)”


Deux nouveaux noms de domaines @praized hier (je vous les ajoute quand ils sont prêts). Nommer les projets avec un URL, c’est un rituel de baptême après la naissance d’une idée… Je suis très content de ce nouveau projet, retour aux sources initiales de Praized et projection de l’avenir en même temps, ça sent leContinue reading “Baptê”

Fascinating post on “hacking” Foursquare

This is about the intersection of the social and the technical, I love it. At some point last week, I devolved into a 12 year old hacker, and I spent many spare hours (and my computer’s spare cycles) abusing the system with a set of scripts operating fake accounts. Not only did I add newContinue reading “Fascinating post on “hacking” Foursquare”

Google Maps: Now Adding Reviews from everywhere

This is an interesting development, the Goorilla is moving fast. Makes me happy to have built a distributed platform and not a centralized review site. Google Maps is apparently now reaching across hyperlocal blogs, local portals and news sites and retrieving blog entries, general editorial reporting and even blog comments for inclusion as reviews onContinue reading “Google Maps: Now Adding Reviews from everywhere”

Google Twitterizes its Merchant Profile Pages

RT @sebprovencher: Google “Twitterizes” its Merchant Profile Pages If I was in Facebook’s or Twitter’s shoes, I would move quickly and enter the structured local business listings world by offering pre-populated fan pages (for Facebook) and merchant profiles (for Twitter). This would simplify the entry for SMEs and basically enable a “claim your profile” functionContinue reading “Google Twitterizes its Merchant Profile Pages”

When Twitter Becomes Clearing House For Business Data…

When Twitter Becomes Clearing House For Business Data “this will create a dramatic shift” GeoAPI will integrate directly into the Twitter API, which plays into Twitter’s plans, reported in mid-2009, to integrate geo-based location into its service. (…) It’s a big deal because most business data from online listings come from limited resources, heContinue reading “When Twitter Becomes Clearing House For Business Data…”