There should be a Montreal specific badge for Poutine methinks…

There should be a Montreal specific badge for Poutine on Foursquare methinks… (posted from @ La Banquise) – badges API calls is what we really want, you know, to grow Foursquare as a game platform, it would open worlds of possibility (and realize the potential I tought Akoha would have, maybe they will get thereContinue reading “There should be a Montreal specific badge for Poutine methinks…”

Ask me about my location: echoecho

I really like this new “mode” of interaction about location. We are just getting started on these! A brand new location-aware app called echoecho promises to make it easy to share your location with people you trust. You can “echo” someone from your existing address book, and if they have the app installed, they receiveContinue reading “Ask me about my location: echoecho”

Prédictions TMT 2010 – Entrevue

Voici l’entrevue que j’ai accordé à Katheline Jean-Pierre de Deloitte la semaine dernière après la matinée des prédictions TMT de Deloitte Canada à l’hotel Fairmount Reine Élisabeth. Vous pouvez écouter l’ensemble de la conférence et des entrevues sur leur canal YouTube.

Développeurs intéressés à tester l’API 2.0 de Praized?

Je cherche des développeurs intéressés à tester l’API 2.0 de Praized en février , avec la fonction checkin (comme foursquare) – faites moi signe (et abonnez-vous à la liste de discussion). Vous pouvez créer votre clef d’API sur et lire la doc de la version 1.0 sur Google Code.

Looking for a few developers for beta release of the Praized 2.0 API

I am looking for a few developers to test the beta release of the Praized 2.0 API in early February (with checkins to place, aka foursquare/gowalla). If you are interested contact me (and join the mailinglist). Documentation for version 1 is available on Google code (you need to request an API key).