Notman House project is moving forward!

Future home of Montreal tech scene unveiled – TechnoCité “There have been a few events and ad hoc gatherings with groups of tech entrepreneurs,” said Philippe Telio, the president of Embrase, and one of the organizers of several tech events such as Startup Camp Montreal. “The idea is to bring these groups into a centralContinue reading “Notman House project is moving forward!”

We need a plan B

As read on Alex Russell’s Infrequently Noted: The single most frustrating thing for me as a web developer is the incredible disconnect between day-to-day development and the shiny, shiny stuff showing up in HTML5 and modern browsers. (…) How bad is it? The next time you read some tech journalist write about how some new browser versionContinue reading “We need a plan B”

Mes inspirations Web/Techno de Montréal

Suite à l’article de Nathalie Collard ce matin (les incontournables du Montréal 2.0) je me suis dis que ça serait une bonne idée de faire la liste des gens qui m’inspirent à Montréal (et qui ne sont pas dans la liste de la journaliste). Ma définition courte de “inspire” c’est celle-ci: il ne faut pasContinue reading “Mes inspirations Web/Techno de Montréal”

Ile-Sans-Fil: Expérience de co-création technico-citoyenne

Ma présentation à propos du modèle communautaire de collaboration d’Ile-Sans-Fil au forum de créativité citoyenne de Mosaic/HEC est maintenant téléversée sur slideshare (et ici). Peu de mots, surtout des images et des concepts. Je vous ajoute le lien vers le vidéo de la présentation dès qu’on me le fait parvenir. Forum créativité citoyenne-sylvain carle ViewContinue reading “Ile-Sans-Fil: Expérience de co-création technico-citoyenne”

CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010

So many camps! CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010 — /via @NicolasRoberge CloudCamp is an unconference where attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. As an informal, member-supported gathering, we rely entirely on volunteers to help with meetingContinue reading “CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010”

Techvibes in search of Montreal Community Manager

A few years ago I would have applied, but now I don’t have any time to write about these camps, startups or investments, I’m busy doing them! Do you attend every event in Montreal that ends in “Camp”? Do you recognize the majority of the companies on our Montreal Startup Index? Have you heard ofContinue reading “Techvibes in search of Montreal Community Manager”