CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010

So many camps! CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010 — /via @NicolasRoberge CloudCamp is an unconference where attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. As an informal, member-supported gathering, we rely entirely on volunteers to help with meetingContinue reading “CloudCamp Montreal – June 4, 2010”

Unconference/Camp à ConFoo

Saviez vous qu’il y a une partie “unconference/camp” à ConFoo cette année? C’est par ici pour soumettre vos sujets – This is an opportunity for visitors to react to the presentations of others. For speakers, it is an opportunity to elaborate on a topic that developed during their presentation. Simply send you proposal toContinue reading “Unconference/Camp à ConFoo”

Wifidog Camp Montreal 2010

We will be organizing a Wifidog Camp for development of wifidog. Where? Montreal, at Station C, 5369 boul. St-Laurent When? Sunday february 21 2010 from 10h30 to ~17h Who? Everyone interested in developing for wifidog, developers, web designers, testers, documenters, etc. Web page? I will be giving a session on “contributing to open sourceContinue reading “Wifidog Camp Montreal 2010”

More info on StartupCamp Montreal 6

More info on StartupCamp Montreal 6 now out – Keynote by Dave McClure – May 6th @ SAT – mark your Tungle Calendars! I will be taking care of the unconference part that starts at 3 and looking for a few topics to seed the discussion, any suggestions? Post them in the comments of viaContinue reading “More info on StartupCamp Montreal 6”