Microsoft tries to improve image among open-source developers

An interview I gave @robroc of the Gazette after my lunch with MS Open Source Labs team in Montreal. Fairly balanced.

“They seem genuinely interested in open source,” said Sylvain Carle, a local software developer and organizer of small-scale tech conferences who was treated to lunch this week.”

But I’m skeptical about them really supporting open source in the long term. ” At its heart, open-source software is a reaction to locked-in proprietary offerings by large tech companies like Microsoft.Normally, open source is given away free for others to improve. Its contributors believe sharing and co-operation outweigh profits.

For the last three years, however, Microsoft has opened up to open-source competitors, sharing knowledge and helping those free offerings work better with Windows-based technologies.

Complete article at Microsoft tries to improve image among open-source developers.

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