Rebooting RSS readers… a few ideas on the subject

I rarely disagree with @Scobleizer opinions, but he’s wrong in Reboot RSS readers? Sorry, train has left the station.

They might not be called newsreaders anymore, but we need new clients for the era of the Flow. Flexible and customizable UIs and Services.

And these “flow clients” need to be built with the modern OpenWeb stack, not some proprietary runtimes. Open Source matters for innovation.

@Scobleizer just left a comment on your blog. I agree filtering is key. I wish @brentsimmons worked on a new generation client…

I keep thinking that Google could pull this flow client idea be carefully mixing gmail, buzz, reader, address book and profiles…

Quora IconRelated, I asked on Quora (a few weeks ago): What do you think about the idea of an open source, programmable (via plugins) Twitter client?

RSS iconOn the same subject: Mefi,  Brent Simmons, Dave Winer, Paid Content

PS. This is a new experimental post format, created by small conversation pieces, hastily and loosely joined. Do you like it?

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