Joel Spolsky taking it offline (not me)

How Hard Could It Be? By Joel Spolsky: Let’s Take This Offline

I’ve decided that it’s time to retire from blogging. March 17, the 10th anniversary of Joel on Software, will mark my last major post.

Wow. I have been an avid reader for those 10 years. Joel on Software was one of the first tech blogs I could relate to. With Dave Winer’s and Doc Searls’ blog, it’s probably the only (English) blog I still read (in NetNewsWire) from my original blogroll (there’s a bunch of francophone guys from Québec still active).

But for myself, the 10th anniversary of my blog is not an opportunity to stop, au contraire.

I want to write more, share more and listen more.

I will keep hoping around, from pond to pond, to discover new lily pads to ponder techology and society.

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