Slipping on the SOPASe faire passer un SOPA

Today is in black, because the internet is too important to leave it at the mercy of a few American lobbyists. The best Canadian page on the subject is on Michael Geist’s blog (with some specific national action items).Aujourd’hui, est en noir, parce que l’internet est trop important pour être à la merci deContinue reading “Slipping on the SOPASe faire passer un SOPA”

Quoi de mieux que la société au complet comme système à “hacker”?

Un article très inspirant (en anglais) qui explique bien pourquoi un jour je ferais de la politique (comme si je n’en faisais pas déjà, mais disons “professionellement”). Information Diet | Why Developers Should Run for Congress. Third, great developers are systems fixers and systems hackers. There is no system more ripe for elegant process hacksContinue reading “Quoi de mieux que la société au complet comme système à “hacker”?”

Acheter des livres en papier

J’ai publié un état d’âme ou je déclarais: Part une tendance pour 2012, commande des livres papier, pas des livres électroniques. — Sylvain Carle (@sylvaincarle) Décembre 14, 2011 // On m’a demandé pourquoi… voici: Pour des livres “historiques” dont le potentiel social de “tu devrais lire ça, tiens prends ma copie”, j’aime mieux commander desContinue reading “Acheter des livres en papier”

Ceci explique ceci

I can’t remember how I found this, but I suspect that this quote explains how I found this quote: The discovery process is remarkably social, and the social interactions come in amazingly diverse forms. Sometimes it’s overhearing a conversation on Twitter between two complete strangers; sometimes it’s the virtual book club of something like Findings;Continue reading “Ceci explique ceci”

My Ignite Where 2.0 Talk – Locked Out in London

Last year I talked about how people sucked at naming places. This year I was talking about anecdotes about us humans and what we tweet about, and where. All my examples are from Needium, our platfrom that matches needs expressed to a location and to businesses that can answer them. Video of My talk MyContinue reading “My Ignite Where 2.0 Talk – Locked Out in London”

ConFoo presentation: Do you have what it takes to be a CTO?

Slides for my presentation at ConFoo this afternoon. Alternative Title: i can haz cto? Do YOU have what it takes to be a CTO? View more presentations from Sylvain Carle. If you have some would-be CTO questions, please ask in the comments.

Montréal Foursquare Hackday (@ Notman House)

When: Thursday March 24 from 1PM to whenever late we can go Where: @ Notman House – Who: anyone that wants to play with foursquare, from designers to hackers and every ideator in between. How: just drop by and come share your ideas and code some stuff. Why: because we (Seb, Lenny, Jean-Luc and I) wantContinue reading “Montréal Foursquare Hackday (@ Notman House)”

StartupCamp Montréal – Unconference

Join us at 3PM this Thursday for the Montréal StartupCamp unconference, there will be two tracks, one on the topic of marketing (moderated by Saul Colt) and another one on technology (moderated by moi). We have a few topics already planned to get the ball rolling, but we need your participation to make it happen, YOUContinue reading “StartupCamp Montréal – Unconference”

RL;MB (the instapaper conundrum)

The title stands for “Read it Later, MayBe”… it’s a self-realisation, an illusion disappearing, with my love of time-shifting reading habits thru instapaper. As I mark more and more articles to be read later, I am finding I need more “later” in my life, not happening… As a friend suggested, I should see this asContinue reading “RL;MB (the instapaper conundrum)”