Petit résumé 2010 et prospective 2011 pour le comité internet de l’Alliance Numérique

On me posait la question ailleurs (dans un réseau fermé), je réponds ici pour la postérité (et l’ouverture): Qu’elles sont les défis/thèmes/projets de l’an dernier et ceux déjà en branle pour 2011 au sein du comité? J’avais écrit un résumé de fin 2009 et objectifs 2010 et ça me fais penser qu’il faudrait bien queContinue reading “Petit résumé 2010 et prospective 2011 pour le comité internet de l’Alliance Numérique”

Great WordPress Company in Montréal?

I got this question by email from a friend, asking me to recommend a good company (in Montréal or around) to help them build their new website based on WordPress 3. I used to be able to answer that question, maybe 18-24 months ago, organizing WordCamp Montréal 2009 sure helped, but now I’m feeling aContinue reading “Great WordPress Company in Montréal?”

Minimum Viable Vision – the startup checklist I’ve been waiting for

Fantastic post on Year One Labs blog about Minimum Viable Vision. It captures something I have been trying to define for a few months now. How can you measure your interner startup idea’s potential? And they dive in the details. Here’s the outline: You’re building a platform You have recurring ways to make money You’ve got tieredContinue reading “Minimum Viable Vision – the startup checklist I’ve been waiting for”

Notman House project is moving forward!

Future home of Montreal tech scene unveiled – TechnoCité “There have been a few events and ad hoc gatherings with groups of tech entrepreneurs,” said Philippe Telio, the president of Embrase, and one of the organizers of several tech events such as Startup Camp Montreal. “The idea is to bring these groups into a centralContinue reading “Notman House project is moving forward!”

We need a plan B

As read on Alex Russell’s Infrequently Noted: The single most frustrating thing for me as a web developer is the incredible disconnect between day-to-day development and the shiny, shiny stuff showing up in HTML5 and modern browsers. (…) How bad is it? The next time you read some tech journalist write about how some new browser versionContinue reading “We need a plan B”

Focus on HTML5 and mobile

I am at Web 2.0 Expo NY Workshops today, focus on HTML5 and mobile for me @ Web 2.0 Expo HTML5: Developing for the Desktop and Mobile by Alex Russell (Google) This workshop steps you through building an HTML5/CSS3 application that’s free from legacy baggage yet still delivers compelling content everywhere. Read more. And Building Cross-PlatformContinue reading “Focus on HTML5 and mobile”

Joel Spolsky taking it offline (not me)

How Hard Could It Be? By Joel Spolsky: Let’s Take This Offline I’ve decided that it’s time to retire from blogging. March 17, the 10th anniversary of Joel on Software, will mark my last major post. Wow. I have been an avid reader for those 10 years. Joel on Software was one of the firstContinue reading “Joel Spolsky taking it offline (not me)”