Great tips for organizing events

This correlates nicely with my own experience of organizing event in Montreal, wanted to share this with you. In fact it’s so similar it’s almost scary. Noosphere in full effect.

For the past five years, I’ve been organizing a regular event here in Boston called the Web Innovators Group (aka “WebInno”). It’s been personally fulfilling to start something which begun as a small informal gathering grow into a real component of the local startup scene. I had no intentions of becoming a large event organizer (nor do I now have aspirations to become one more than I have). However (…) I believe that it’s incumbent on me not just to be a member of the entrepreneurial community but also truly participate in and contribute to it (…) along the way I learned a few general lessons which can be applied more broadly to organizing events:

  1. FREE is the right price.
  2. Listen by loudly asking for feedback…
  3. … but stay true to your vision.
  4. Content isn’t your main draw – the people are – but it’s a helpful anchor.
  5. The web is your friend.
  6. The details matter.
  7. Be nimble.
  8. Ask for more feedback.

Go read the complete post for all the details.

See also my events post (in french, but you can parse dates and titles and places from it easily).

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