Key IT trends for 2010: Consumerization and Self-Media

My main take-away/recap from Deloitte’s TMT 2010 Prediction event this morning: Consumerization and Self-Media (as denoted by trends 1,2,5,6,7 and 8). You can access all the documents, videos and social-thing-a-majings at but here is a quick recap, list style:

  1. eReaders fill a niche, but eBooks fly off the (virtual) shelves
  2. Smaller than a netbook and bigger than a smartphone — net tablets arrive
  3. Publishing fights back: pay walls and micropayments
  4. CleanTech makes a comeback. But solar stays in the shadows
  5. IT procurement stands on its head
  6. Nixing the nines: reliability redefined and reassessed
  7. Cloud computing: more than hype, but less than hyper
  8. Paying for what we eat: carriers change data pricing and make regulators happy
  9. Widening the bottleneck: telecom technology helps decongest the mobile network
  10. The shift to online advertising: more selective, but the trend continues

Still thinking about what my predictions for bleeding edge internet technology will be, I think I might just post “topics I’m watching” (with sources)…

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